What we do

Over the years supporting families in crisis in Wakefield and surrounding areas Gasped have developed a wealth of experience helping people cope with a wide range of issues.  These include domestic violence, low self-esteem, unemployment, suicide and homelessness.

Please note that due to the Covid-19 pandemic we are not currently offering face to face appointments or alternative therapies, unless stated otherwise.

We can help with….

Support for Families Affected by Drink and Drugs

We have over 20 dedicated counsellors who have experience both lived and professional experience of helping to support families facing issues related to drug and alcohol misuse.

Support for people affected by Covid-19

Gasped can offer services to those affected by the Covid-19 pandemic we can help with coping with berevement, financial difficulties, health anxiety and PTSD.

Domestic Abuse

We have experience working with both perpetrators and victims of domestic abuse.  Our team can offer non-judgemental and confidential support to anyone affected by these issues.

Work with People at Risk of Suicide

We have worked with many people in crisis  and our counsellors have professional experience of helping people deal with feelings linked to suicide and supporting them when they are at their lowest.

Mental Health Crisis

Gasped have been supporting people in mental health crisis for many years. This includes people coping with loss, at risk of suicide, and dealing with addiction. Our person-centred approach means that the service user is empowered to shape their own recovery.


Poverty, Unemployment and Homelessness

Many of the people we work with have been out of work for a long time and are dealing with issues relating to low self-esteem, access to benefits, housing and the internet.

We have developed partnerships that work to provide practical and emotional support with a view to improving employment prospects.

Current Projects

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Wakefield Safe Space

Providing an out of hours service to the people who are in crisis.  The helpline provides practical and emotional support to those who are feeling isolated, alone and struggling with mental health issues.  The confidential helpline is open from 6pm to midnight Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

For help call 07776 962 815

Past Projects

Support for families of prisoners

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The Peat Project

Working alongside Reflections House in Castleford and The Community Cabin, GASPED supported people who were furthest away from the   job market by offering practical and emotional support with benefits, housing and internet access to enable people who have been long term unemployed to get into training and employment.

Postcards from Wakefield

In collaboration with other members of the Positive Mental Health Network GASPED put forward a bid for funding to pilot a project called Postcards from Wakefield.  Based on a programme run in San Francisco in the USA it aimed to reduce the stigma of mental health challenges, promote the benefits of self help and raise awareness of the organisations in the network and the work they do.

Local people where encouraged to write short positive stories/poems/postcards about their own mental health and how accessing support helped them and improved their wellbeing.  The Postcards were displayed in Wakefield fior the general public to see and some were collated in a book which was shared with residents in and around Wakefield through Doctor’s surgeries and libraries.

An event to showcase the organisations in the Positive Mental Health Network and the Postcards from Wakefield project was held at Wakefield Town Hall on 15 March 2019.

The event was filmed and can be viewed here


Andy's Man Club

We facilitated a support group that aims to provide emotional support for men.  The club is a safe place for men to open up about their mental health and to reduce rates of suicide.

Supporting families affected by substance misuse

Since 1995 we have been offering support for those affected by a family members drug or alcohol mis-use.  This included

  • Drop-in service for people who need help and support immediately.
  • Person centered counselling
  • Complementary therapies
  • Respite days out
  • Emotional Freedom Technique and Nero Linguistic Programming
  • A network of family and carer community-based support groups
  • Family community rehab supporting families whilst their loved one undertakes a community detox. This service works jointly with the local drug treatment service, Turning Point.
  • Training in life and coping skills
Rehab Programme funded by The Lloyds Bank Foundation
Send Me An Angel

This book was written by parents and carers who care for or are affected by a loved one’s drug and/or alcohol use. They share with you their journey in the hope that you realise that you are not alone going through this. 

Some of the stories have also been written by recovering substance misusers, who have shared their story with you in the hope of bringing a greater understanding to you.

This project was funded by Wakefield District NHS and gave us the opportunity to break down the isolation and stigma that families and carers can feel.

Below is the link to the read online version. If you live in the Wakefield area many services, including libraries have this book or if you are a client of GASPED you can borrow a copy from our library. 

Download the book today:  SEND ME AN ANGEL

Supporting repeat victims of domestic abuse

Working in partnership with Spectrum Healthcare we supported repeat victims of domestic abuse.

If you need help, get in touch.

For non-judgemental and confidential support.  Contact us today.

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